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10 animaux et leurs voisins  - Cléa Dieudonné - €11.90  - 16 x 16 cm - 32 pages (flaps) - hard cover - May 2016
10 véhicules et leurs cousins - Cléa Dieudonné - €11.90  - 16 x 16 cm - 32 pages (flaps) - hard cover - May 2016


This is a new series of cardboard lift-the-flap books. The images are bold and interesting, playing on ideas and similarities. Ten objects are chosen to illustrate a theme – here, animals or vehicles. The left-hand page shows the vehicle, and the right-hand page shows where it is found (for example, the fire engine at the fire station and the airplane at the airport). Under the flap is another scene showing each vehicle’s environment, and similar vehicles (for example, the sky with a hot-air balloon, an airship, a glider and a helicopter). By the end of the book, each vehicle has been connected with two environments and four other methods of transport. A fun and original way of discovering around 50 vehicles and their relationships!




' An ambitious fold out book, perfectly adapted pour little hands'
– Véronique Van Der Meij – Breadcrumb

'The new collection of picturebooks that set the world in order'
– Fabienne Jacob – Livres Hebdo

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