À propos de la vie — Christian Borstlap — Hardcover book — 23.2 x 30.5 cm — 56 pages — September 2019 — CAN$23.95


At the dawn of time, from mere stardust and gases, from frozen meteors and the distant sunlight, life emerged. But what is life exactly? How do we define it? After all, it is our most precious gift. Life is about breathing and moving and about feeling. But it's also a struggle to survive and a quest for belonging and being. Life can be big or tiny. One thing is sure, all forms of life are interconnected - from microbes to cetaceans to insects and even more - and all of them are worth celebrating. Without exception.

Christian Borstlap is a Dutch illustrator, designer and artistic director. He is the founder of the agency Part of a Bigger Plan, which includes clients such as Christian Dior, Apple, Vogue, Rijksmuseum and Louis Vuitton. In his creations, he tries to create bridges between different artistic disciplines. His work has won him several prizes including: nine D&AD Pencils, a Cannes Grand Prix and ADCNI prize.

"The house Comme des géants deserves an honorable mention: by publishing À propos de la vie, a work by Christian Borstlap, it relased its first carbon neutral book. [...] This picture book, which mixes documentary and fiction, praises life. [...] Moreover, its success is contagious."

– Les libraires magazine

"Beautiful and singular documentary, adapted from an animated short film. It allows us to understand the living with our senses as much as with our heads. Note that this is the first carbon-neutral book published by Comme des géants [...]."
– Marie Allard, La Presse

"The compositions follow one another, all so different, offering the informed eye the opportunity to discover life here, there, hidden, ready to jump out of the book. When everything contributes to create meaning."
– Marie Fradette, Le Devoir

English (Word), French (World), Spanish, German and Greek rights sold