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Anna et l'ogre mangeur de mots - Sonia Paoloni & Eloïse Rey - 17 x 24 cm - 92 pages - 4 pantones - Picture book - Fall 2022 - €18


In the Land of the Seven Hills, the ogre’s presence makes all the inhabitants silent. They’re not scared of him, but nobody says a word when he’s around… Including his daughter, Anna. Her mother tries to help her speak her first words by taking her to a choir, where she meets a magician and a witch who help her find her voice. Along with her friend, a talkative magpie and a magic shell, Anna is determined to help her father too, the Word-Eating Ogre!

Anna and the Word-Eating Ogre is Sonia Paoloni and Éloïse Rey’s second book together and the prequel to Anna qui chante, in which the little girl already has a clear and powerful voice.

Sonia Paoloni uses stylistic and symbolic codes from fairy tales to create resolutely contemporary stories. In this second tale, she evokes the importance of speech and dialogue between children and adults and a form of learning in which working together and cooperation are key. It is also about the healing, gentleness and comfort that parents and children can share with each other.


This rich story is a true collaboration, brought to life by Éloïse Rey’s vivid and uncluttered images, who gives meaning to her drawings and always adds to the text.





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