Anna qui chante  - Sonia Paoloni & Eloïse Rey - €18 - 22.7  x 31.7 cm - 64 pages - October 2017

Once upon a time there was a king who – overly – cherished his young daughter Judith. The princess would get so bored locked away in a tower… So, to keep her company, the king decides to kidnap the little girls in his kingdom. Thus, begins the story of Judith, a sad princess, and Anna, who teaches her what it is to be free. Singing Anna is a marvel for the eyes, lying somewhere between the ancient book and a modern tale. The bright and lively colours, bold layout and beautiful production, all enhance a fine literary text. A wonderful story book that is an ode to freedom… and to singing!   

• […] This feminist tale, beautifully illustrated, highlights the power of culture, emancipation and sorority with much subtilty, and by counting on youth. […] - Causette

• [...] This book is so beautiful ! It's a graphic wonder ; the bright colours enhance Sonia's text, which is worthy of the most famous children's tales. Eloise's illustrations really blow us away. The choices of the colours, of the page layout, of the graphics which both remind of ancient books and of modern tales immerse the reader in the story. Not to mention the beauty of the printing, the choice of the paper... No need to say that I have fallen in love with this object […] Get carried away by this contemporary and feminist tale, this solidarity song which invites us to raise our left fist and scream our longings and desires. I want to shout « Wake up ! » There you go ! - La Soupe de l'espace