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ALB2283 au-dela de la foret COVER 18-10-


Sois prudente petite panthère ! - Quentin Vijoux - Hardcover book - 16 x 16 cm - 32 pages - May 2022 - €16.90

Little Panther chases a big beetle in the jungle. "Watch out Little Panther," her daddy warns her. "Don’t go too far… The jungle is a dangerous place!" But Little Panther goes too far and gets lost. She can’t find her daddy! While looking for him, she meets a monkey, who warns her: "Be careful Little Panther, don’t slip on my banana skins!”. She keeps going and bumps into a warthog having a bath, who says: "Be careful Little Panther, don’t bathe in this dirty water.”

And so on: the spider warns her to be careful of its sticky web, the vulture to be careful of its spiky carcasses… Until Little Panther comes face to face with a terrifying monster… who is actually her daddy! He didn’t listen to any of the other animals’ warnings and fell into all the traps. Which is why it’s important to follow your own advice!

Quentin Vijoux graduated from Duperré and Estienne and is represented by the Illustrissimo agency. He has worked as an illustrator for more than ten years for various advertising agencies or institutions and draws for the international press. He currently lives in Amsterdam and also works on comic books, children’s publishing and video games in his spare time.

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