10 rue des Jardins - Felicita Sala - 14 x 22 cm - 48 pages - March 2018 - €14

A party is being prepared at 10, rue des jardins!
On each floor, in each apartment, everyone is busy cooking a specialty that will fill the table of the grand banquet. This beautiful picture book offers fifteen recipes from all around the world.  Sweet or salty, they are explained with simple words to be made with children. Guacamole, turkey meatballs, zucchini and feta cheese, oyako don, baba ganoushou, banana and blueberries cake. Felicita Sala, one of the most are invited to a culinary tour of the world, in a spirit of conviviality and sharing.
Everything is ready! Let’s go downstairs.
Bring a chair, it’s time to eat!

English (US and UK), Korean, Greek, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish, Complex Chinese and Italian rights sold