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Au fond du puits - Sylvain Alzial & Louise Collet - 22.9 x 29.2 cm - 40 pages - Hardback book - April 2023 - CAN$23.99

At the bottom of a well, a Frog lives peacefully and trouble-free. She can’t imagine that there are better places than her home on Earth, until a Turtle shows up at her home and tells her about the ocean. What? Would it be possible that a fascinating world exists beyond her well? The vastness of the world can sometimes seem quite relative. A Chinese fable that show us that the world doesn’t stop beyond one’s sight.




After studying musicology, SYLVAIN ALZIAL began producing documentaries and programmes about music around the world. His first children’s book, L’oiseau à deux becs, with Olivier Philipponneau was published by Memo in 2013.LOUISE COLLET is a French artist who graduated from the Ecole des Arts of Paris and the Kyoto University of Arts in Japan, where she where she studied and deepened her traditional Japanese painting.

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