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Aujourd'hui - Loïc Froissard- 22 x 15 cm - 72 pages - Hardback book - January 2022 - €19


Loïc Froissart worked in a school for a year in 2019. During this immersive experience, he was able to grasp the unique feel of the place. He invites the reader to spend a day in a primary school, conveying the atmosphere in the classroom, the playground, the halls or the dinner hall in short one to two page snippets. Loïc Froissart moves from contemplative, funny or more psychological scenes, to subtly capture the interactions between children and adults – friendships, the hustle and bustle, loneliness. A pigeon, a snail and a storm also appear in dreamlike interludes. Today is this children’s book illustrator’s first comic book. Observing real life is one of his work’s main qualities, and through this book the reader will rediscover the atmosphere of their schooldays, in a magnificent impressionist portrait.




LOIC FROISSART was born in the north of France, where he studied applied arts. After working in communication, he moved to Paris and illustrated several critically-acclaimed children’s picture books (Seuil Jeunesse, Le Rouergue). He also works for the press (Doolittle, revue XXI).

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