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Beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup - Oriane Brunat - 15.5 x 15.5 cm - 132 pages with 6 pantones- Hardback cover - Juanury 2023 - €20

One Little aLL aLone, two Littles saying HeLLo, three Littles going in circLes… Many Many Many is Oriane Brunat’s first book. A highly original counting picture book filled with a charming naivete. We follow 1, 2 and then 12, then 40, all the way up to 100 Little ones who share little marshmallows, cross a precipice, can’t dance as well as they should, or feed the goldfish… This hilarious book made for children and grownups will enchant little kids who rejoice in losing themselves in repetition and will enjoy counting and discovering all the mischievous activities of the Little Ones.

The colour range, with its fluorescent, rainbowish light tones, fully coloured pages and shiny cover help make this book a unique and attractive singular object.



ORIANE BRUNAT studied Art in the Estienne (Paris) and EESI (Angoulême) Art schools, and is currently doing another cursus at the HEAR. She is very peculiar about her work and loves losing herself in the repetitions in her drawings, delighted she may have to draw the same characters again and again.




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