benjamins media has been creating audio books for a very very long time. 33 years in 2020!
Our specialties: stylized illustrations, funny – and meaning! – stories, high quality books printed on offset paper. As for the audio, no sound effects but soundscapes (the sound makes sense). We work with talented and renowned authors such as Alan Mets, Aurélie Guillerey, Marie Nimier, Delphine Chedru, Ramona Badescu, Édouard Manceau, Michaël Escoffier...
Whatever his age, the child finds a size of book that fits perfectly to him: « S » if he’s a toddler, « M » if he’s less than 6 years and « L » if he can read. He wants a braille book with large characters? We have! An eBook version? We have! A version in sign language? We also have!
benjamins media, it’s 2 editors, in place for nearly 16 years. Rudy, the director, Ludovic, the artist of benjamins media. We have very different backgrounds: cartoon for Ludovic and radio for Rudy, but the same goal: edit children’s literature of high quality for all children.



Stéphanie Vernet