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Bêtes en Devinettes - May Angeli - €15.90 - 20 x 14 cm - 24 pages with flaps - Hardback - October 2017



Come and play hide and seek down on the farm! This quirky lift-the-flap book opens vertically. The top page carries a clever riddle "Morning 'til night, I paddle in the pond" which gives a clue to the animal hidden behind the flap on the bottom page. The game is to guess who is hiding down below! You can lift first flap to reveal the written answer to the riddle with a charming illustration of the animal on the left-hand side. A second flap can then be opened the opposite way to show two more woodcuts of animals from the same family. In total there are three images on each page. Children can find and learn 12 different families of farm animals throughout the book.

May Angeli is the author and artist of a great variety of books. Her work has been admired for some fifty years, in particular her skill in woodcuts. She has received several awards, including the Grand Prix de l’Illustration de Moulins in 2013. Her books are also collected by many national libraries.

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