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Bienvenue chez moi - Miguel Tanco & Miguel Pang - 23 x 37 cm - 32 pages - €16 - September 2019


“Getting used to life in the city wasn’t easy at first; the noise, the traffic, the people running around... But there’s actually always something fun to do here. Nobody looks at you strangely, it doesn’t matter what you look like. I enjoy wandering around the flea market, reading an old book at the library or playing with the squirrels in the park. I couldn’t live anywhere else now, I need the humming of cars to fall asleep. This has become my home…”

This beautiful, very pictorial picture book, illustrated entirely in gouache, is an ode to New York life, told by a little narrator who is not who you think… It’s the little mouse! An unexpected ending that invites the reader to go back to the beginning, and carefully look at all of the pictures again.




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