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Bolide - Charline Colette- 22 x 15 cm - 54 pages - Hardback book - May 2018 - €17.50


Vroooooooooooooooooom goes the little red car as it bursts onto the page from the left, whizzes over the middle and goes whoosh onto the green on the next page. Race Car hurtles down arid mountains, winds along bumpy roads… Yoohoo! Reading becomes a game, as the little car races full speed ahead with lots of zooms, vrooms, bims, booms, bams. The reader is plunged into a child’s world, where anything is possible through play. It’s time for dinner now and Race Car is sitting at the table with his little driver. And beneath the flap is a map, tracing the car’s route through the garden and inviting us to read the book again in the other direction, while matching the landscapes we drove through in the book to parts of the garden on the map. An extraordinary book in which Charline Collette plays with scales.


CHARLINE COLETTE first studied engraving at the Ecole Estienne, followed by comics at
Angoulême, silkscreen printing at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and illustration at the Arts
Décoratifs de Strasbourg. She published her first illustrated book in January 2015 with
L’École des Loisirs.

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