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Bonjour - Anne Brugni & McCloud ZicMuse - Hardback cover - 15 x 20 cm - 44 pages - Septembre 2014 - €17

Hello follows the cycle of a day through natural phenomena, such as the rising of the sun, the movement of water, the fertility of the earth, a shared meal, and all the little events that lead to night-time. Nature is portrayed through a very simple narrative pattern: the sunrise, clouds in the sky, ripening fruit… Anne Brugny celebrates nature and everyday life, in a contemplative book full of vibrant energy. A beautiful ode to nature and its observation that was widely acclaimed when it was first published in France and has since been reprinted 3 times.

After graduating from the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués in Lyon, ANNE BRUGNI spent several years working on a collective textile printing project. She then contributed to the fanzine Cuistax before fouding L’Hötel Rustique with McCloud Zicmuse, a bed and breakfast, letterpress printer, publishing house and gallery. Her first book, Hello, brought her recognition in the drawing world and she exhibited her work in France, Belgium and China. She also organises workshops at the Pompidou Centre in Paris and contributes to the web-series Mon oeil.

After travelling around Europe, MCCLOUD ZICMUSE, an American musician, decided to settle down in Brussels, where he enjoys the local folklore.

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