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Cache Cache - by May Angeli - 3 years and up - 21 x 24 cm - 32 p. - relié - €14 - Spring 2017

Brown, a scardy cat, never wants to set foot anywhere.  At the slightest breath of wind, the small brown donkey jumps and hides behind her twin, Grey. Today Grey is in a mood. But, after nibbling plenty of fresh grass, watching the train go by and saying hello to Blanchette in the field next door, boredom starts to set in… So Grey suggests a game of hide and seek. They start to play but once again it’s soon no fun at all; the first attempt fails because Blanchette cries out where she’s hiding, second, despite the help of cat and bird, her ears and hooves can be seen… Then dog comes along and he knows an excellent place to hide…

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