Capricieuse - Béatrice Fontanel & Lucile Placin - 22,5 x 31,5 cm - 48 pages - €15 Hardback cover - September 2019


Capricious is a rather bad-mannered little girl, who finds herself parachuted into a world of forest animals and insects. When she hurts her foot, this bossy, impatient and adventurous child, is forced to slow down and move around on a tortoise’s back. A gentle pace that allows her to truly observe her surroundings, and discover the forest plants and animals… The beginning of a big adventure!

Capricious is a colourful and deeply endearing character. The writing and rich vocabulary present a wide variety of forest flora and fauna and the gorgeous text is highly poetic and musical. The alliance between the vivid narration and Lucile Placin’s creativity and beautiful, contrasting colour palette carries this story into an unforgettable dreamworld.


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