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Caruso - May Angeli - 21 x 24 cm - 32 pages - January 2018 - €14



One morning, the wind blows so hard that a raven falls from its nest. John the factor passes by and collects it, which is not to please Jeanne, his wife. The crow, now called Caruso, is gaining strength and learning to fly. But one day, he begins to talk and, making fun of Jeanne and the people of the village, he is hated by everyone! On John's advice, he leaves the village. But one night, a barn catches fire and it is Caruso who warns the firemen ... Caruso will please the little ones because it represents the interdict. He dares to say aloud what everyone thinks in a whisper. Rejected because of his outspokenness, he will eventually be rehabilitated despite his taunts: the inhabitants are grateful to him for saving their village from flames.

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