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Chemin - Anne Brugni & McCloud ZicMuse- 20 x 15 cm - 36 pages - Hardback book - Novembre 2020 - €17


Path is the second book in a trilogy about the elements. It tells the story of a little stone’s journey from magma to a beach where, transformed into a pebble after travelling through the centuries and the elements, someone picks it up. Path explores the concept of time and embarks us on a discovery of telluric forces. The illustrator brings nature to life with her colours and textures, showing how rock, water, fire and ice interact. Using her own graphic style, without any symbolism, she puts this simple yet grandiose story into images of art. That’s a real artist’s book for toddlers.

After graduating from the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués in Lyon, ANNE BRUGNI spent several years working on a collective textile printing project. She then contributed to the fanzine Cuistax before fouding L’Hötel Rustique with McCloud Zicmuse, a bed and breakfast, letterpress printer, publishing house and gallery. Her first book, Hello, brought her recognition in the drawing world and she exhibited her work in France, Belgium and China. She also organises workshops at the Pompidou Centre in Paris and contributes to the web-series Mon oeil.

After travelling around Europe, MCCLOUD ZICMUSE, an American musician, decided to settle down in Brussels, where he enjoys the local folklore. He is a whimsical songwriter and creates unique mixtures of poetry, nonsense and trivial thoughts.

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