Clic Clac - Edouard Manceau - May 2014 - 48 pages, end papers incl. - 16 x 16 cm- Price (book & CD): €17- Audio book / Length: 16’ - Music: children’s song


Clic: a country’s house; a dog barks. Who lives there? Clac: a sheep? a cat? a pig? Clic: oh! it’s a dog. The dog is out and knocks to his neighbour’s door.
But who is his neighbour? Clac: a hen? a turkey? a rooster? Clic: it’s a duck! dog’s best friend! They are going to tinker together…
From a sound (clic), the child have to discover what it hides (clac), and follow the two friends’ adventures. Clic Clac is a book of sound riddles, to listen, without delay! So there!