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Cochon a un secret - Elisabetta Spaggiari - 20.5 x 28 cm - 40 pages - Picture book - May 2023 - €14



Pig lives a quiet and serene life. He likes to cook apple pies, roll around in the mud and eat pizza with his friends. He has a good life! But for a while, all this is no longer enough! He has discovered that he has a secret in his heart, a secret that fills him with hope or makes him feel deeply sad. He decides to talk about it to his friend, Roger the rabbit. He confides in him that he’s in love with Butterfly but butterflies have nothing to do with pigs, so a love story is impossible. Roger disagrees; we might associate because we look alike, but above all because we like the same things. “I like apples,” says Pig. And Butterfly, who is just flying above them, replies: "I really like apples too…"
A sensitive, poetic, and rhythmic story in the perfectly mastered first picture book of a new author-illustrator, with a rich graphic universe, a crossover between William Steig and Mélanie Rutten. We’re in love!



A graduate of the Decorative Arts School in Paris, ELISABETTA SPAGGIARI is an Italian actress and graphic designer who lives and works in Paris. In 2022, she toured with the show for children "Les Petites Géométries" which was a real success with the audience as with critics. Pig has a secret is his first children's album, using the watercolour technique.


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