Comme un million de papillons noirs  - Laura Nsfafou & Barbara Brun - €14 - 21.7 x 26.8 cm cm - 36 pages - Hardback - September 2018

Adé is a pretty little girl, with her dark skin, big brown eyes and frizzy hair.
She has a beautiful thick head of hair, but some of the other children at school make fun her, saying she looks like she has “a million black butterflies” on her head. Adé loves flowers, butterflies, chocolate eclairs and asking questions.
So, one day, she asks her mother and aunts about her hair, the object of such frequent mockery. With their help, she comes to discover the beauty of these butterflies asleep on her head, until they finally take flight. A story inspired by a quote in Toni Morrison’s novel God Help the Child: “Her clothes were white, her hair like a million black butterflies asleep on her head”. Little by little, Adé learns how to take care, brush, be proud and appreciative of her hair, and thus her personality.

Laura Nsafou, originally from Martinique and the Congo, grew up in France. An afro-feminist activist, she speaks out against the absence of black children in children’s picture books.

Barbara Brun is an illustrator from Nantes, France. After considering a career in advertising, she moved towards graphic art and began working as a freelance graphic designer. Using a variety of different techniques such as collage, gouache paints, sketching or digital colourisation, she has illustrated around fifteen story books and has also worked with children’s newspapers and magazines.