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ALB2283 au-dela de la foret COVER 18-10-


Les chaussures lentes et le curieux chemin - Charlotte Lemaire - Hardcover book - 23.7 x 33.5 cm - 48 pages - March 2022 - €17

One Thursday in Spring, Gisele slips an “ice cream voucher” into her pocket and heads to the ice cream van. But on the way, she discovers a mysterious pair of “slow trainers”. Shoes that slow you down when you try to run! And so, she sets off on a year-long journey. Slowness becomes synonymous with observation, encounters, fun and poetry. It takes Gisèle a whole year to get from her house to the ice cream van. A year observing the landscape that stretches out like chewing gum, listening to the leaves crunch under her feet, the fruit whisper in the forest, the chestnuts waiting to ripen… A world in which climbing over a rock literally lasts as long as it takes a larva to turn into a beetle. Time is turned upside down in an ode to languor and laziness. And don’t forget about the ice cream and which flavour to choose!

Charlotte Lemaire is an author, painter and illustrator. Book after book, she creates a unique and very personal world with her rich and deep paintings, imbued with a strangeness which always resonates with today’s world.