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Terre rare - Clément Vuillier  - 26 x 17.5 cm - 144 pages - Graphic Novel - August 2022 - EUR 25.



One night, a bright and hypnotic sphere shoots through the starry sky. Alternating between close-ups and wider views, Clément Vuillier’s illustrations play with extreme contrasts and graphic transformations, as they follow the journey of this mysterious object through the cosmos. The sphere finally approaches a rocky star, a kind of grey and seemingly dead moon. But beneath the mineral desert’s surface, lie precious and coloured stones. The sphere stops, opens and suddenly begins drilling, rolling the ground, spouting volcanic rock, until there is a big explosion… The star and its hidden beauties are no more, and the dust and sphere continues its celestial journey.

Clément Vuillier deploys all his talent in these images of devastation: where does this sphere come from? What resources is it collecting? Nobody will ever know, except that it leaves behind a desolate void… and a taste of metal in your mouth.


Clément Vuillier was born in 1988 and graduated from Ecole Estienne and the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. He also founded Editions 3 Fois Par Jour with Yann Kebbi and Idir Davaine. In 2021, he was awarded the Prix de Dessin Pierre David-Weill by the Académie des Beaux-Arts. Terre rare is his third book published by Editions 2024, after Le Voyage céleste extatique (2015) and L'Année de la comète (2019).

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