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ALB2283 au-dela de la foret COVER 18-10-


Drôles de voisins - Aurélie Guillerey & Emilie Chazerand - Hardcover book - 21 x 21 cm - 48 pages - January 2022 - €19.90

Roseline Semelle’s strange neighbours are called Romuald Crépon and Sylvain Douille. They should get along great – they’re the same age, have the same house, same garden, same love for flashy cars, the loud, red kind – but they hate each other. One day, Roseline Semelle decides that she’s had enough of listening to her neighbours argue. So, she sets off to see Sylvain and Romuald so that they can become friends. But on the way, she bumps into some new neighbours, Diablo, Monstro and Finito… A story about neighbours that ends well!

Emilie Chazerand has 2 children (but feels more like she has 8), a cheese-loving husband, 4 hens that enjoy being petted, 3 lazy dogs and 2 cats that don’t like people. She is also brimming with new ideas that are mostly bad, but occasionally a good one pops up and makes a great book.


This is the second time that Aurélie Guillerey and Emilie Chazerand have worked together for Benjamins Media, after Un frère en bocal.