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ALB2283 au-dela de la foret COVER 18-10-


Amour(s) - Tess Alexandre & Camille Deschiens - Hardcover book - 21.5 x 28.5 cm - 68 pages - October 2016 - CAN$21.95

A collection of stories exploring love, desire and self-acceptance… These love stories, whether heterosexual, homosexual or even asexual, are free of labels in order to showcase the powerful and unique feeling that is love.

This book for teenagers is a plea for love and acceptance of oneself and others in a society where it is still difficult to be different.

Camille Deschiens’ coloured pencil drawings perfectly illustrate the gentle and tender texts.

Tess Alexandre works in publishing. Her first book, Love(s) explores themes that she holds dear, such as tolerance and acceptance of oneself and others. She lives in Paris.

Camille Deschiens graduated from the HEAR illustration workshop. She uses coloured pencils to illustrate relationships, everyday life, daydreaming and melancholy. She works for the European press and publishing. She lives in Nantes.

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