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Dans ma maison - Orane Sigal - 24 x 27 cm - 40 pages - September 2021 - €14

A little boy welcomes us into his world, a world in the shape of a house. To get to his house, you walk past his neighbours’ houses, who live in the same building. Then, before going inside, you pick up the mail that the postman put in the little house next to the door.

You enter, go up the stairs to the bedroom and come across another funny house, the little boy’s cabin. Everyone in the family has their own little house - the dog has a kennel, the cat a cardboard box, the mum a greenhouse, and the dad a workshop. And in the summer, they all pile into a little house on wheels and head to grandma’s house. A beautiful artist book in the shape of a house, that reveals the child’s world through each of the houses.


Orane Sigal studieed illustration at HEAR (Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg) to become an illustrator and comic book writer. She uses several techniques, combining drawing, painting, and collage. Shape and colour are very present in her work, which is characterised by the bold and contrasting association of different tones.