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Dora is an exciting adventure that takes us into the
geopolitical context of post World War II. The heroine, a young Jewish woman whose father died in a concentration camp, is embarking on an incredible hunt for Nazis around the world.


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Dora - Minaverri - 17 x 24 cm - 192 pages - €19 - Soft cover - September 2019

This fourth volume of Dora opens in Pantin, in 1964. Determined to bring those responsible for the Drancy camp to justice, Béatrice Roubini, whose spy agency specialises in tracking down Nazis, sends Dora to collect witness accounts from 3 important suspects; Ludwig, Amsel, Reinhard Vogel and Kurt Hahn. Which is how Dora meets Léo Feinik in Finland, a Jew sent by force to work alongside the Nazis, Arnold Möser in Belgium, detained at a camp for being homosexual, and Percy Adler, also committed to tracking down Nazis, who moved to Scotland to keep Kurt Hahn under surveillance.


The fourth volume of a fantastic series, combining the pursuit of Nazis with an existential quest, set in the 1960s; an extremely well documented work on the Holocaust and the Nazi regime. A key book on this strong theme.