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Une faim de loup - Yen-Lu Chen-Abénia & Mathilde Bel - 17.5 x 17.5 cm -
12 pages - November 2018- €13.90

Rumble, rumble goes the wolf’s big tummy… it’s completely empty! He needs to fill his belly up… So, he finds a big mushroom on a kitchen countertop, a slice of watermelon on a picnic tablecloth, a blueberry tart on a table in a tearoom… On each page, the child can remove the detachable object and stick it (using the velcro on the back) inside the wolf’s stomach. By the end of the story, the wolf’s tummy is full of yummy things. And he’s not hungry anymore! The “velcro book” concept is ingenious, and particularly well manufactured. A fun and original board book to be enjoyed over and over again, in which the young reader becomes the storyteller.



- Selection -The Extraordinary Library exhibition - Bologna Book Fair 2019 -