FR: Flic Flac  - Fred Eclair & Julie Brouant - €21 - 21.5 x 21.5 cm - 48 pages – Hardback - September 2018

A child wakes up. Naptime is over. Quick, quick, quick! He gobbles down his afternoon snack, puts on his wellington boots and raincoat, places his favourite soft toy in his backpack, and steps outside with his daddy. Hello, hello little walk! What an inexhaustible source of wonder for a child! And how touching for the parent accompanying his child to see his endless curiosity at play! Going for a walk is a near ritualistic outing for a parent and child, a moment for the two to bond as the child learns all about their surroundings. A beautiful story book, at a child’s level, that both adults and little ones can relate to and enjoy