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Furio - Gilles Baum & Chiara Armellini - 28 x 20 cm - 40 pages - €14 - September 2019



From the top of a tower, a king pulls a silly face at his sworn enemy. Offended, the latter responds by pulling down his royal pants. How rude! This time, it’s war! Soldiers, squires, cooks and musicians alike launch an attack on the neighbouring fortress. Everyone joins in with the war, except the weavers… But when one of the weavers pricks his finger, a drop of blood is shed. The two kings are shocked - they have gone too far! They will never fight again… until the next time someone pulls a silly face!


This picture book explores power, rivalry and the escalation of violence, with a great deal of humour. A finely crafted, highly enjoyable story, portraying the absurdity of a conflict born out of nothing and a way to discuss with children jealousy and the inevitable disagreements between siblings, or in the playground.


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