Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls,

Georges is a high quality quarterly magazine for children from 8 to 12, innovative and fun.
In each edition, you will find fun stories to read, loads of games, and crazy stuff to make!

The magazine is always centred around a theme, to which all the content is related - be that watches, sardines or forks, and is divided into three parts:

1: Stories - long, short and real life! Always features a comic strip of the famous 'Panpi and Gorri'

2: Games - Mazes, puzzles, cut and stick and often something pedagogic too

3: Rubric-a-brac - An interview with a professional in the field, a recipe to try and words in different languages related to the topic and more!

Georges is illustrated by a selection of renowned authors, graphic designers and international illustrators.


Graou magazine - 20 x 26 cm - 60 pages - Paperback - € 9.90

• GRAOU is an original, demanding, neat and advertising-free magazine-book.

• GRAOU is a 36-page magazine full of stories, games, activities and discoveries. A large format and a nice thick offset paper on which the child can express himself with pleasure and freedom.

• GRAOU invites children aged 3 to 6 to learn, but also to create, observe and develop their natural curiosity, imagination, manual skill and autonomy.

Simplified Chinese, Turkish & Korean rights sold

Maison Georges is a publishing house with a singular journey. It started to publish Georges, an innovative bookzine for kids. Next came the adventure of the first picture books and comics.

The books and magazines share a common approach, both ambitious and playful, and an elegant but dynamic graphic design. Georges, that’s also an unconventional tone and a happy and joyful world.

Georges is fascinated by contemporary illustration, by design, by typography, and the staff is working on every project with the greatest care.

More than anything they believe in the natural curiosity of children. That’s why they offer them new aesthetic and editorial horizons.



Stéphanie Vernet