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Guide de survie dans la jungle - Hao Shuo - 26 x 32 cm - 40 pages - hard cover - €10 - February 2020



A book falls out of a yellow-tracksuit-wearing hiker’s bag. A strange creature, a yeti-like blob, quickly picks it up. Fantastic! A jungle survival guide!

The creature immediately begins reading and interpreting this manual of tips and tricks for lost hikers. Using its skills and intelligence, the creature creates a series of poetic inventions, that far surpass the model.   

The poor snake that bit the strange creature is the first to suffer; what a wonderful plaster its skin makes!

Then, the sunlight hurts the blob’s eyes; what could it use to make sunglasses? Ice and an octopus, of course!

With a great deal of imagination and poetry, the strange creature takes possession of its environment and transforms it.

These funny little scenes will delight young and old alike, and inspire children to become, like the strange creature, little versatile geniuses!



Hao Shuo was born in China about 30 years ago. After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Beijing, she spent a few months at the Sorbonne before joining the illustration studio of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin, in Strasbourg. Always between two countries - and on the plane - she takes care, with French and Chinese friends, of the micro-publishing collective Hors Service. Guide to Survival in the Jungle is her first book in France.


Mention  Opera Prima  Bologna Book Fair 2021

Comments of the jury:

"This wordless metatextual book is a visual delight and parody, that shows the limitations and creative possibilities inherent in following guidebooks. Presented as a classically cloth bound jungle guide book, it physically mimics authoritative texts to contrast with the modern graphics with clean lines and solid colors within. Hilarity ensues when a strange creature finds a guide book on surviving the jungle in which he lives, and attempts to follow its guidance."