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Il était une forme - Gazhole & Cruschiform - 20.7 x 27 cm - 64 pages -October 2020



Once upon a time, in the castle of Pointudroitdur, was a king and a queen who were unable to have children. In truth, they did have children, lots in fact, but none of them were worthy heirs to the kingdom. Until the day, they gave birth to a daughter who seemed perfect in every way, from every angle…


Once upon a shape offers an original and modern twist on classic fairy tales. The universal themes, combined with simple geometrical shapes and graphic design, creates a world in which narrative codes are turned upside down. A dose of humour and plenty of space for the imagination.




Marie-Laure Cruschi (alias Cruschiform) is a french illustrator based in Paris. Her work lies at the intersection of art, graphic design, illustration and typography. Sensitive to color and geometric modular designs, she enjoys experimenting with various graphic devices in playful, poetic and sometimes even didactic manners, creating narrative universes that are perpetually in renewal. Carried by the desire to question our ways of seeing the world, she has employed her sensibility towards serving the children’s literary community with several awards books. Her heightened visibility in cultural press reviews allowed her to gain international recognition through the years, and working with various luxury brands and cultural events.

Gazhole is an author, illustrator and animator. He got his start as a colorist on an animated short film, then in different production studios. He frequently works for children publishing as well as for major brands and institutions.


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