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Imagine - Liuna Virardi - 16 x 21 cm -  Hardback cover - 44 pages + 14 flaps - October 2018 - € 18



On the train, everyone has already imagined what all these other people’s lives might be like. That lady with her lion mane hair and that little girl with rosy cheeks… Who are they?

Every day, a little girl takes the train to school and observes the other passengers around her. She wonders… What does that little girl want to be when she grows up? Where does that man wearing a cap live? What job does that man with the white beard do? Who are the flowers that woman’s carrying for? And what is that young girl daydreaming about? Lift the flaps and discover the characters in action, as per the little girl’s imagination.
A graphically breathtaking and beautiful book.




Winner - City of Nanterre - 2018

Selection of Illustrators - Bologna Book Fair 2019!

Simplified Chinese & Korean rights sold

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