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J'aime - Emmanuelle Bastien - 16 x 16 cm - 20 pages - hard cover - €9.90 - September 2015



I like... peas, blueberries, soap bubbles, sparkling water or hiding myself... This funny list, that reminds the one of Jacques Prévert, is graphically translated in this book in a very playful manner: through some rounded holes of different sizes and coloured pages. Indeed, to represent the elements of this list, a graphic game between colours and sizes of the holes is enough: tiny black dots on a red page for peppercorns, a big yellow hole on a blue page for the sun, little white holes on a white page for the snow... Emmanuelle Bastien invites children to travel into an intensely creative interaction with the book itself.


Selection -The Extraordinary Library exhibition - Bologna Book Fair 2019

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