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J'irai voir - Emmanuelle Bastien - 16 x 16 cm - 22 pages - February 2019 - Board book - €11.90



I’ll go and see… the seaside, the mist, the great ocean, the eternal snows, the desert, an unknown island, a secret cave, the forest, space… and then I’ll rest, until tomorrow…

Playing with solid colours and die cuts in the pages, this beautiful book and object embarks little ones on a journey through a succession of landscapes.

Using colours and layering, different shapes take on a new meaning from one page to the next. The seaside becomes the mist, the mountain, a sand dune, the forest, a lunar landscape. With a pair of magic scissors and poetic simplicity, Emmanuelle Bastien brings the paper to life, carrying the reader from one end of the world to the other.


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