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Jardin d'hiver  - Marie-Noëlle Letellier & Anja Klauss - 20 x 20 cm - 32 pages - Picture book - March 2023 - €14

A woman and a man water a small seed and wait for the flower to grow... but the flower never does. They water a new seed… then another one… without any success. They decide to go to a gardener to try and understand what is not working and find solutions: when a seed does not grow in a garden, it might be better to plant it elsewhere... and then collect it, when a flower appears!
At a time when infertility is affecting more and more couples (1 in 7) and children conceived by assisted means are more and more numerous, the offer on the subject of Assisted Reproductive Technology in children's literature is almost non-existent. This unique book will allow parents to tackle this subject with their child in a very and down to earth manner, revealing there is not just one way to come into the world. The path is sometimes strewn with pitfalls and may be punctuated by sadness, but is often filled with hope, and can lead to the happy meeting between parents and their baby.





After studying Children’s Literature and writing about it, MARIE-NOELLE LETELLIER wrote her first picture book. ANJA KLAUSS was born in Germany. She graduated from HEAR in Strasbourg. She has written and illustrated many books translated in several languages.

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