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Je sais le faire  - Alain Laboile & HifuMiyo - 21 x 25,5 cm - 176 pages - Hardback book - September 2020 - EUR 19.90



How to…cut one’s nails, peel a fruit, count to 100, make an omelette, take the bus… step by step. Everything a child can learn to do « alone » from the age of 4 to 12 in a single volume!
Inside: 750 step by step photos in color, 750 beautiful drawings by Hifumyo, readable and short texts, as well as a series of beautiful  full-page black and white photos of scenes from everyday life.This truly exceptional family companion has well-illustrated fun and practical content to help the child learn to be independent. As he grows up, he will be able to say, ‘I can do that!’ every time he turns the page.  An easy to handle and surprisingly lightweight book (less than 700 grams), divided into chapters.
An extraordinary book that both parents and kids love!



Alain Laboile is a sculptor, photographer and father of six. He pointed his lens towards his growing family which became his major subject: a life on the edge of the world, where iintemporality and the universality of childhood meet.


Hifumyo is illustrator and was born in Hiroshima. She lives and works in France, in Lyon, since 2010 and works for the French and international press.


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