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ALB2283 au-dela de la foret COVER 18-10-


Je veux manger mon frère - Hélène Gaudy & Simone Rea - Hardcover book - 30 x 21 cm - 32 pages - April 2022 - €14

"My dad, my dog Danton and I live on a small farm, in a clearing surrounded by a very dense and dark forest.Legend has it that the forest is inhabited by wolves, ogres and giant badgers. No one ever ventures in these woods. But my father doesn’t really believe in those stories. He has always dreamed of knowing what lies beyond the forest." Arthur’s dad has a big idea: build a tower to see what is on the other side of the forest. It’s a plan that will involve a lot of effort. They both work tirelessly, and the villagers do their part. The tower takes shape, and the surprise that awaits them makes it all worth the effort. A wonderful, fascinating and moving book.

Nadine Robert is a Canadian author and publisher. She began her career as a video game designer and director of animated films. Her first picture book, Joseph Fipps received a STARRED review from Publishers Weekly. Robert has « become a talent to watch » (2013). Cofounder of publishing house Comme des geants, she has always had a strong passion for children’s illustrated books. She holds degrees in Education and Literature and she has translated a few picture books to French. She lives in Montreal Canada with her family.

Gérard DuBois works for many well-known newspapers and magazines in North America and Europe. He has collaborated on more than fifteen books, including several children's books. For his work, he has received many honours, including four gold medals from the Society of Illustrators and two nominations for the Governor General's Awards of Canada.

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