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L'Alphabet cocasse et illustré  - Anne-Hélène Dubray - €20 - 16 x 24 cm - 64 pages - hardback - October 2018



From Annette’s acrobatics, to Detective Didier’s deductions, to Farouk the fakir’s farces… An amusing cast of 26 characters, each brought to life in a zany and quirky little scene, full of assonances and alliterations. 26 fantastic little stories that make the 26 letters of the alphabet sing! Illustrated with equally surprising pictures, depicting this astonishing bunch in unbelievable poses… On each page, one or more of the characters’ bodies are twisted into the shape of a letter from the alphabet. A delightful alphabet book, with fascinating illustrations, and a text that can easily be translated into another language whilst keeping its poetry intact. A fun and unconventional way of looking at the letters in the alphabet, by the author of Farceurs, a talented and award-winning illustrator at the Bologna Book Fair!


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