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Les Records de l'art - Eva Bensard & Charlotte Molas - 26.7 x 37.5 cm - 56 pages - October 2021 - €19



These artists are crazy! All around the world, since Prehistoric times, they have been creating works of art that defy the imagination. Giant statues, colossi carved into the mountains, towers reaching up into the clouds, gigantic palaces, paintings that are larger than walls… How far will they go? Join painters, sculptors and other architects in their quest for grandeur and beauty and embark on a journey around the world to discover their most awe-inspiring masterpieces.

An original and fun way to explore the history of art.

What are the biggest scandals? Who are the self-portrait champions? Where in the world can you find the greatest religious monuments? And the largest statues?

This book is not a competition of artistic “records”, but rather a discovery of the most surprising, exceptional works of art that spark curiosity and make readers want to find out more. Charlotte Molas’ fun and light illustrations bring the extra-large and extraordinary history of art to life, embracing all civilisations, all techniques and all eras, for the whole family.  

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