L'étrange - Jérôme Ruillier  - 17 x 23 cm - 160 pages - hard cover - €20 -

March 2016

A man with a bear face leaves his native country to try his luck in a foreign land, supposedly more prosperous. But he doesn’t speak the language, and he’s an undocumented immigrant there. He becomes what the locals call “a strange”. Once out of the aircraft, he meets several people, who merely observe him – a neighbor, a bus passenger, a crow – or who get involved in his story: the housekeeper of the apartment he lives in, policemen, his boss… The Strange is a splendid and absorbing polyphonic work that helps us understand the tragic fate of an illegal immigrant. By comparing different points of view, the book shows the complexity of the situation. The story, with its animal characters, in a country which is never mentioned, has undoubtedly a universal dimension, a bit like a fable. A moving book!


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