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L’histoire d’Herman — Catherine Ho — Hardcover book — 25.4 x 32 cm — 56 pages — February 2016 — CAN$21.95



A wreck washed ashore and strange food cans lay scattered along the beach. Herman the Lizard and Max the Raven discover them while playing nearby. The gluttonous Herman eats up all the contents of the cans. All of a sudden, he doesn't feel well... In this fantastic tale, a huge surprise is waiting for Max and the other animals living in the forest. But Max will neither lose confidence nor his temper while trying to help his friend.




Catherine Ho loves to draw worlds that arouse curiosity. With her recent works, she incorporated narrative elements to wallpaper creations. She completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art. L’histoire d’Herman is her first children's book.

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