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L'homme qui n'aimait pas les chats - May Angeli - 21 x 24 cm - 32 pages - Picture book - May 2022 - €14



Something grabs his slipper on the doorstep. “Shoo, go away!" But every time the man tries to chase away the kitten, it comes back and meows even more. Over time, the man gets used to the animal being around and comes to like its playfulness. He starts waiting for it at mealtimes and wonders where it is when it’s late. The weeks go by, and the kitten becomes a cat. Then one day, it doesn’t come, and the man starts of worry. Where could the animal have disappeared to? The cat returns three days later. It’s hurt but the man is relieved… He’d really missed the cat. A touching encounter between a grumpy man and a wild cat who gradually become friends, in a beautiful book with splendid two-colour woodcuts.




Since her debut in 1961 with Editions de la Farandole, May Angeli has illustrated hundreds of picture books for children. Her beautiful woodcuts are much appreciated, and her work has been used to illustrate the texts of authors such as Rudyard Kipling, Jules Verne and Marcel Aymé. In 2019, she donated nearly 700 of her drawings to the Bibliothèque Nationale to be exhibited.

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