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L’orchestre - Chloé Perarnau  - 26 x 32 cm - 32 pages - hard cover - €16 - May 2016



The big concert is in one week’s time but all the musicians have gone on holiday! The conductor and his faithful assistant travel the world to find them – the violinists in Tokyo, the harp player in Porto, the trumpet players in Rio and the flautists in Abidjan... However, everywhere they go, the streets are busy. It’s not easy to find what they’re looking for! The Orchestra is both a narrative – with text, a plot and characters – and a treasure hunt, where children must look closely at each image. Each page features scenes typical of the countries visited, creating a round-the-world trip. This beautiful book has plenty of details and colourful characters.




“A delicious game of hide-and-seek”
– Nadja Viet – France Inter

“This large format picture book is a superb look-and-find to facilitate learning in a playful way”
– Chloé Marot – Causette

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