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La Course aux cacahuètes - Nadine Robert & Charles Dutertre - 23 x 27.8 cm - 56 pages - Spring 2020 - CAN$22.95 



This fast-paced narrative features an exciting and surprising race with funny twists and turns. With its retro-looking illustrations, it will charm both younger and older readers. Sit back, because the race is about to start! Ready? Set, go!


The Great Peanut Race is the most extraordinary of all! Each runner receives a red, a green and a blue peanut. The rules are simple: every participant must eat all his peanuts before crossing the finish line. But the runners have to be careful because each peanut gives a different and amazing power to the one who eats it. This year, three frogs participate in the race. Guess who will be the smartest; the most strategic; the luckiest…




Nadine Robert is an author and an editor. After studying education and literature, she first worked as a video-game designer and a script writer for animated films. Over the years, she has written and translated many children’s books. Founder of publishing houses Comme des géants and Le Lièvre de Mars, she has always been passionate about illustrated books. She lives on Montreal’s South Shore with her family.


Charles Dutertre lives near Nantes. He studied fine arts in Cherbourg and Rennes. He has been working for Ouest-France since 1997. He also regularly works for the youth press and creates works for a comics magazine named Patate douce. He has illustrated dozens of picture books and other forms of children’s books that were released by various publishers such as Gallimard, Le Rouergue, Le Seuil and Nathan. 

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