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La Flaque -  May Angeli -  2015 – Picture book – 2 years and up - 21 x 24 cm –

32 p. – Hardcover – 14 €



Magnificient woodcuts illustrate this lovely picturebook for toddlers.

The rain has stopped. There is only one puddle left on the path. A bee, a swallow, some sparrows, a turtle, and a few ducks in turn cool down in this puddle. When a little girl arrives and says: « Me too! I want to play to play with you! »; the ducks waddle away. But playing alone is no fun! Luckily, a small pig arrives.

The strength of this picture book resides in its simplicity: the artist turns a prosaic puddle into a real piece of art. Children will be filled with wonder to see nature come to life shortly after the rain, and the animals’ parade to quench their thirst or to frolic in the water. The Puddle is an artist’s book for toddlers.



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