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La Grande aventure du livre - Stéphanie Vernet & Camille de Cussac  - Hardcover book - 26.7 x 37.5 cm, with die cut on the cover, and Swiss-style binding - 56 pages - May 2022


Welcome to the backstage of publishing!
Follow the author, the editor, the illustrator, the printer, the bookseller or the librarian and discover the daily life of a dozen exciting jobs. For each professional, two double-page spreads: first a presentation of the professional and his or her job, then a second double-page spread full of anecdotes, non-fiction information and historical true stories, where we
explore his or her stuff: the illustrator's drawing table, the sales representative's binder, the literary critic's journal, the publisher's post-its will no longer hold any secrets for you. But... isn't the book they are all working on the one you are holding in your hands?


This non-fiction picture book is distinguished by its careful production: the die-cut cover, the free-edge cut and the Swiss-style binding reveal how the book is made. An original non fiction book, served by Camille de Cussac's michievous, fun and colorful illustrations, to know all the secrets of the book.



After working for Autrement and Casterman, Stéphanie Vernet created a literary agency to represent French publishers abroad: The Picture Book Agency.

Camille de Cussac is a member of the Jaune Cochon illustrator collective. She regularly collaborates with Marcel et Joachim, Thierry Magnier, Gallimard and
Seuil Jeunesse. His favorite technique? Posca markers, with which she puts color everywhere, especially where you don't expect it!

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