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La grande expédition - Clémence Dupont - 22 x 29 cm - 76 pages (leporello) - October 2017 - € 22

You can unfold on over 8 metres this playful, informative and scientific accordion book about our planet! Like a chronological frieze, every page unveils the different periods the Earth's history, accompanied by short non-fiction texts. The book opens with a disturbing landscape where volcanoes and meteorites coexist. It is our Earth, after the Big Bang. Once the page unfolded, life appears.
Tiny organisms populate the green waters, as continents emerge and gather. The Earth evolves: twigs and ferns, scaled fish and starfish, large amphibians and reptiles enter the scene – the Earth becomes their playground! Later in time and in the book, Lucy the Australopithecus, standing, admires the flora of the rainforest. During the Ice Age, giant mammals die out and humans evolve… The Great Expedition is the first fascinating book of an artist with a singular and spectacular graphic universe. The interplay between the unity of colour ranges and the extraordinary diversity of the fauna and flora makes this book a true graphic masterpiece.

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