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La Maison nue - Marion Fayolle - 22.3 x 29.3 cm - 256 pages - Comic book - October 2022 - €35



Three characters, who tend to make themselves miserable and sabotage their life, decide to live together in a house:  man who is only interested in women who will hurt him, a woman who loves riding the most dangerous horses and a man who wants to write but is never satisfied and destroys everything he creates. They form a friendship, and their house becomes a refuge from the crazy outside world.

In The Naked House, Marion Fayolle presents three misfits who, despite their differences, try to get to know and understand each other better by living together. The Naked House explores the pain we inflict on ourselves, the beauty of melancholy, the attraction of the abyss and the fear of being alone.




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